Lakeside Condos at The Franciscan

OK, let's call it like it is: The Franciscan Lakeside Condos at Lake Tahoe are little more than a glorified hotel room. But, hey, it's your glorified hotel room with a white Sand Beach at Lake Tahoe, a pier, affordable seasonal buoys, and a seasonal swimming pool. Plus, unlike a lot of Tahoe under today's short-term rental restrictions, you can rent it out when you're not using it. (Read more)

The Franciscan Condos at Lake Tahoe

The HOA at The Franciscan is steep -- close to $1,000/month, but they cover most all utilities, including WiFi. And  the cost of the units is cheap -- in recent years, most have sold for $200k or less (several have sold over the years in the mid-$200k range, and the highest sale was a 1-bedroom that fetched $345k during the last recession). And rental income defrays the costs of ownership.