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ArrowCreek Country Club

ArrowCreek Home Prices Rebound

Home prices at ArrowCreek Golf & Country Club have rebounded nicely since the depths of the last recession, and luxury properties here with nice views of the mountains or Reno skyline are again fetching prices well north of $1 million.

The median sales price of an ArrowCreek home last year was $972,500, almost double what they had been in 2012, a year that marked a low point for real estate prices in many areas of Reno.

This community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains was launched 20 years ago as a gated golf course neighborhood offering terrific views and promising the best of amenities. The early years were slow, with just a few sales per year. But word caught on quickly, and by 2004, sales

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In the 15 years since home prices began to slide toward recessionary lows, many Tahoe & Reno neighborhoods have seen significant gains.

Tahoe Donner Cross Country Center 

This week’s focus is on Tahoe Donner, a resort community of some 6,000 homes in the hills above Truckee.

Tahoe Donner remains a relatively affordable option for Bay Area residents looking for a vacation home with nice amenities. With a terrific fitness center, several swimming pools, golf, tennis, and one of North America’s best Cross Country Ski Areas, Tahoe Donner is one-stop vacation destination. (Click here for additional info)

The majority of single-family homes here sell for under $1 million (84 percent last year). And many of these can be rented as furnished vacation properties when owners are not in

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I was showing houses in Truckee the week before Christmas, and Bay Area buyers asked if they should wait to buy, questioning what will happen in 2020.  Would prices go down?

Analysts like to talk about the housing market on a “national” level, and while that’s great for economists and forecasting, it doesn’t really tell you anything about what will happen on the micro level here in Tahoe.

A home at Lake Tahoe is not the same as a home in Detroit. And the buyer looking to invest in a vacation home, which is largely what we offer here in Tahoe, has a different set of goals and finances than the person looking for a roof over their head.

The overall Tahoe market looks pretty much the same as it did in the middle of 2019, with prices inching up

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Let me confess. I do not have Alexa in my home, and I might never invite her in. 


I was born at the tail end of the Baby Boomer era, and to me, Alexa smacks of something eerily Orwellian.  OK, "1984" was published in 1949, and the Future seemed a long ways away back then, but the novel reads an awful lot like a documentary on the current state of affairs in which we find ourselves today ... government propaganda, perpetual war, double-speak, news-speak (think of the "lying journalists," which is an oxymoron to explore some day), and yes, Big Brother.

"Big Brother is Watching You."

Pan forward. And here we are in the 21st Century with a curious form of A.I. that is Hearing You.

She beckons to your commands, and she answers your questions. 

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With supply overflowing in most of Truckee's micro-markets, this Fall promises to be a great time for home buyers looking for bargains. 

With cooler days, and fewer crowds, the Fall can be an excellent time for buyers looking to snatch up a vacation home before the snow flies. And, with a few exceptions, many of Truckee's higher end neighborhoods are strongly favoring buyers right now, with a year or more worth of supply in some areas.

"Supply" is a real estate term that refers to standing inventory. If 5 homes sell in a particular neighborhood over the course of the past year, and 5 are currently for sale, that equals a year's worth of supply. A balanced market, favoring neither buyers nor sellers, is considered to be 6 months of supply. So having

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Summer Means Music in Tahoe

With Free Concerts almost Every Day of the Week

Concerts at Commons Beach (Sun 4-7 pm) 400 N Lake Blvd, Tahoe City

Bluesdays (Tues 6-8:30 pm) The Village at Squaw Valley

Music in the Park (Wed 6:30-8:30 pm) Truckee Regional Park 1500 Brockway Rd

Truckee Thursdays (Thur 5-8:30 pm) Downtown Truckee closes to cars and opens to live music, local artisans

Music on the Beach (Fri 6-8:30 pm) Kings Beach

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What happens now?

Home sales at Lake Tahoe are down 20 percent over last year at this time. But the median sales price inched up 2 percent, continuing a trend that has sustained upward pricing momentum since 2013, when overall home values began rebounding from recession-era pricing. 

While that might signal that the market is in for a correction, we’ve seen similar numbers at the lake in past years without a drop in value.  The mid-year numbers in 2014, for example, looked a lot like today. Sales were down 18 percent from the year before, but the median sales price was up 3 percent.  Prices might have been expected to cool, but on the contrary, the median sales price shot up 13 percent the following year, and 2016 was a banner year, with home values

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The growing popularity of short-term rentals has sparked a homeowner backlash in the Tahoe region, leading to restrictions in some parts of the Basin and even new home developments in Reno. So far, those restrictions do not seem to have had a dampening effect on the real estate market.

From South Lake Tahoe, which found itself in court after trying to phase out short-term rentals, to Washoe County, which is considering regulations that could affect Incline Village and parts of Reno, public officials are grappling with the same question: Should you be allowed to buy a home or condo and run it like a motel?

Back in the days before “Airbnb” became a verb, that question never really entered the public arena.

Short-term rentals (STRs) have long

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Ever Dreamed of a Vacation Home that doubles as an Income Property?

Kings Beach Cabin

This is it!

Classic Kings Beach cabin with 1940s architectural detailing ... just a short walk to all the summer activity Kings Beach has to offer ... 



And Just 20 Minutes from Northstar ... 

The ideal location has made this cabin an Excellent vacation rental, generating an average of more than $30,000/year over the past two in gross rents through AirBnB & VRBO.  Old Tahoe craftsmanship make this the perfect home to cozy up aprés ski in front of the stone hearth ...

More than $30,000 in average gross rents in 2017-2018

Radiant in-floor heat adds to the easy comfort of this downstairs bunk room with French doors to the outdoor paver patio

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