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Genoa, Minden, Gardnerville Homes for Sale

Whoever coined the phrase "God's Country" must surely have had in mind the rich pasturelands of Douglas County, Nevada. From the historic town of Genoa, to Minden's sprawling ranch properties, this region is framed by the snow-capped peaks of the Eastern Sierra ... (read more)

Genoa, Minden & Gardnerville Homes for Sale

The lifestyle here is pastoral, a place where you are likely to run into the same people at the post office. But the city of Reno, with its shopping, dining, and nightlife, is close by. And Lake Tahoe, with its year-round recreational opportunities, is less than a half hour over the hill.

Water is the New Gold

Douglas County lies directly south of Carson City, which is the home to the state Capitol. It's a place where the foothills of the Eastern Sierra flow toward the land of sand and sagebrush that characterize much of the eastern half of the county. Water is abundant in the western half of the county, and given that the region is below the large bathtub of Lake Tahoe, it's not surprising to see that wells on some properties flow artesian. The high water table in some areas also gives rise to seasonal inundation, which is great if you are using the extra water for crops or livestock, but not so great if the spot you picked to build your new home happens to be in the annual flood plain. (If you are buying in this area, we will provide you with flood maps, so you can make an informed decision.)

Historic Architecture

The architecture and style of homes in Douglas County varies widely. It's not uncommon to find an old ranch property (with a tack room that's better outfitted than the kitchen) right next to a more contemporary home with stucco exterior and the interior finish quality of homes built within the last 10 to 15 years. The area is heavily populated by ranchers, and their lifestyle continues to shape the aesthetic of the region.  Its roots go back to the mid-19th Century, when Genoa became one of the first white settlements in the Nevada territory and a popular stop for pioneers on the California Trail. Some of the late-Victorian architecture of that era has been preserved in the town's historic district, which is worth a visit.

Where Old meets New

You don't have to raise Hereford cattle to fit in here. Minden, Gardnerville and Genoa are becoming favorite retirement destinations for those seeking a retreat from the bustle and traffic of urban areas like Southern California and the Bay Area. With low crime, good schools, and a friendly environment, it's also a great place to raise families. Demand from those types of buyers have fueled the development of more suburban neighborhoods, where you can find a nice home built within the last 30 years for under $500,000. Older homes built in the 1980s and 90s tend to have wood siding and trussed roofs with functional tile or linoleum flooring and carpet. The newer homes will likely have vinyl pane windows, which offer better insulation than their older metal-frame counterparts. At the higher price points, you will find custom (or semi-custom) homes with hardwood floors, intriguing architectural features and larger lots with water features like ponds or small pump-fed waterfalls. A number of new subdivisions are under construction here with price points ranging from the low $400s to around $800k featuring the range of styles discussed above. (Please Contact me if you would like additional information on buying a newly built home here, and I can offer you a tour of the projects currently underway)

~ Jackie