White Sand Beach on Lake Tahoe

While the building might not look like much from the road, what Chateau Chamonix has going for it is something you can't replicate: Location, location, location. Ideally located on a white, sandy beach in Tahoe Vista, on Lake Tahoe's north shore., Chateau Chamonix is a terrific spot to enjoy a day at the Lake.  (read more)

Chateau Chamonix Tahoe Waterfront Condos

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Heated Pool and Buoy Field

There are 38 units here -- some remodeled beautifully and some original 1970s. The swimming pool is heated and open seasonally, and an onsite manager ensures great security.

For boaters, Chateau Chamonix also offers a buoy field -- a coveted amenity on Lake Tahoe. At some parts of the Lake, buoy fees can be as high as $20,000 or more for a season. At Chateau Chamonix, it's $1,500. Really. (or $250 per week).  And they take the buoy field seriously ... limiting its use owners.

Cash flow your condo when you're not using it

You're allowed to rent your unit at Chateau Chamonix, but renters can't bring pets, and they can't bring guests. That's a nice way of keeping a handle on a small beach setup that might otherwise become over-crowded quickly.