Search Squaw Valley (Palisades Tahoe) Homes & Condos

Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley) is the iconic home to the 1960s Olympics, one of America's best ski resorts, and probably among the prettiest alpine valleys you'll ever see. (Read more)

Squaw Valley

Post 1960s Development

Squaw Valley was first developed by Wayne Poulson, a Reno native who would spend days here as a young man, fishing its streams and hiking throughout the canyon at its headwaters. He was a true outdoorsman, and he and his wife Sandy built their first home at the spot that's now home to Plumjack's. His partnership with Harvard attorney Alex Cushing fueled the campaign to bring the Olympics to the Valley and the intense development that followed it.

Pricey Real Estate

Real Estate at Squaw Valley is as varied as its ski terrain, ranging from condos to stunning custom homes with unparalleled views of the soaring mountaintops that frame the valley's skyline. Prices range from a few hundred thousand for a condo in the ever-expanding Village or the Resort at Squaw Creek to several million dollars for a single family home. Thanks to the popularity of the ski area, there are no real "bargains" at Squaw. Even the older cabins that dot the valley floor (think 50+ years old with linoleum floors, formica kitchens and heating that relies primarily on wood) sell for around $500,000.

Year-round Draw

Squaw Valley has become a popular year-round destination. With Vail Resorts managing the ski resort, visitors can ski both Squaw and Alpine on one ticket or pass, and winter is obviously the busiest time of year here. But summer is also beautiful, with great bike trails, golf, and hiking in Shirley Canyon, which features stunning waterfalls. Weekly music concerts in both the Village and at High Camp (the pool & restaurants at the top of the Cable Car) draw crowds to the valley throughout the summer. The year-round activity makes it easy to cash flow a home here when owners are not in residence.