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Along a three-mile stretch of Lakeshore Boulevard you will find some of the most beautiful Estates at Lake Tahoe along with a mix of lakefront homes and "semi-lakefronts" which are homes on a handful of cul-de-sac neighborhoods that share an HOA beach a pier. (Read more.... ) 

Incline Village Waterfront Homes for Sale

From Billionaires to Millionaires

Waterfront properties in Incline Village run the gambit, with prices ranges to match. The most expensive lakefront in Incline closed in 2021 for $47.5 million -- a 12,000 square foot mansion set on 1.2 lush lakefront acres with a year-round stream running through it. Smaller homes in some of the cul-de-sac waterfront neighborhoods have sold in the $10 - 15 Million price range.

The Scarcity Driver on Lakefront Pricing

When it comes to Incline Village, as could be said for much of the Lake Tahoe shoreline, scarcity drives pricing. Lake Tahoe is tightly governed by a regional planning agency that has jurisdiction over both the Nevada and California shorelines, and there's only so much of it to go around. You can't make more shoreline.

Over the years since Incline was first developed, its waterfront cottages gave way to larger and larger homes. Even today, it's not uncommon for a buyer to drop as much as $14 million on a waterfront property and tear it down to build anew.

The offerings today in late 2022 range from an unbelievable lakefront compound on Crystal Bay offed at $64.5 Million (a 16,232 square-foot mansion with a funicular to ferry you down to the Lake House) to a 5-bedroom Brand New Home with a private pier on Gonowabie (asking $28,850,000).

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Waterfront Condos for Sale

If you're not ready to lay out the serious cash for a lakefront home, lakefront condos in Incline Village can be a nice way to dip your toe in the market. The price point for condos range from $2 - 5 million.  Below is a guide to waterfront condos in Incline & elsewhere around Lake Tahoe.