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Curti Ranch is a neighborhood in the Damonte Ranch area of South Reno, a well established community with great walking trails, easy access to restaurants, shopping, and an easy commute to both Lake Tahoe and the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, home to Tesla & many other leaders in high tech (read more ... )

Curti Ranch

Curti Ranch, Reno

Where Your Investment will GROW

Curti Ranch Median Home Sale Prices

Many communities were hit hard by the last "R"ecession, and Reno was no exception. Property values here took a nose dive following the 2008 crash, in part because Reno did not have the employment base (beyond Gaming) to weather the storm. A LOT changed in the decade that followed, and Reno ushered in a new phase of jobs growth that was no longer dependent on the gaming that the Silver State was famous for. 

Curti Ranch in South Reno has benefitted mightily by this investment in Reno's economic development.  Homes prices here have grown steadily, and are now more than double what they were during the 2011 trough. But prices here are well within what's considered "normal" for Northern Nevada housing, with an average sales price per square foot of just $301.

Curti Ranch Reno Homes Price per square foot

You can't build in Northern Nevada at that price/SF.

Curti Ranch, Reno: Solid Real Estate Sales

Curti Ranch in Reno has enjoyed a steady sales volume year-over-year, with the number of listings dropping in the Covid years of 2021 through 2022 (in part because prices spiked, and sellers were reluctant to let go of what they had with a roll of the dice on what the proceeds might buy in that over-inflated market).

Curti Ranch Reno Homes Good Value

A Buyer's Market (finally!)

As we move into 2023, Curti Ranch Reno offers some nice opportunities for Buyers who are looking to negotiate a deal on a home in this established neighborhood. At the close of 2022 (see below), we saw homes in Curti Ranch closing on average for more than 3 percent under the asking price. 

That's a big difference from the year before, and it represents some nice opportunities for buyers in today's market.

Curti Ranch Reno Homes Market Report