Discover Homes in Truckee's Pine Forest

This lower-elevation neighborhood near downtown Truckee offers easy access to bike trails, and beautifully wooded areas connecting via dirt trails to the lower end of Tahoe Donner (read more ...)

Pine Forest Homes in Truckee

Truckee's Cool Culinary Options

One of the coolest aspects of this neighborhood (and hard to appreciate if you're just driving through) is the proximity to great eateries. The Pioneer Center, just around the corner, is home to Full Belly Deli (unbeatable pressed sandwiches), Great Gold (gourmet pizza from the creators of Flour + Water), and Sierra Bakehouse (where the line is out the door every Friday when the boutique bakery opens to the public).


A bike trail connects Pine Forest to downtown Truckee (use the tunnel at the back of the Pioneer Center to connect without having to ride on busy roads). Take the trails in the other direction to head out past Gray's Crossing to Prosser Lake Dam and beyond. 

I live near here, and know this area well. Call or email me at with questions!